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FEUTURE Online Paper Series

The Impact of Global Drivers on the Future of EU-Turkey Security Relations

Highly Skilled Migration between the EU and Turkey: Drivers and Scenarios

Gas Developments in the Eastern Mediterranean: Trigger or Obstacle for EU-Turkey Cooperation?

Turkey in European Identity Politics: Key Drivers and Future Scenarios

The Role of the Middle East in the EU-Turkey Security Relationship: Key Drivers and Future Scenarios

It Takes Two to Tango: Political changes in Europe and their Impact on Turkey's EU bid

Asylum Policy and the Future of Turkey-EU Relations: Between Cooperation and Conflict

EU-Turkey Relations and Irregular Migration: Transactional Cooperation in the Making

Identity Representations of Turkey and Europe in Global and Regional Media

Politics and Turkey-EU Relations: Drivers from the Southern and Eastern Neighbourhoods

Political Changes in Turkey and the Future of Turkey-EU Relations: From Convergence to Conflict?

Knowledge Cohesion in European Regions: Convergence and Cohesion with Turkey

Understanding the EU-Turkey Sectoral Trade Flows During 1990-2016: a Trade Gravity Approach

Energy and Climate Security Priorities and Challenges in the Changing Global Energy Order

Evolution of the EU's and Turkey's Security Interests, Threat Perceptions and Discourse

The future of EU-Turkey relations: between mutual distrust and interdependency

Energy and Climate Strategies, Interests and Priorities of the EU and Turkey

FEUTURE PhD Online Paper Series

The discursive construction of Turkey’s role for European energy security: a critical geopolitical perspective

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 692976.