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University of Cologne

The University of Cologne is one of Germany's largest universities and has recently won the Excellence Initiative Competition, approved by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The Jean Monnet Chair for European Politics (designated 1994) is involved in teaching and research projects funded under FP5-FP7, LLP, Jean Monnet, DFG and under Marie Curie.  The work of the Jean Monnet Chair has recently been enhanced by CETEUS (Centre for Turkey and European Union Studies), a newly founded centre at the University of Cologne. Directed by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wessels with Dr. Funda Tekin as vice director, CETEUS has a focus on research and teaching in EU and Turkey related affairs and on the institutional evolution of the EU. CETEUS activities at the University of Cologne benefit from a strong and broad EU-Turkey network and long-standing tradition in teaching EU studies of the staff of the Jean Monnet Chair for European Politics. CETEUS research activities target EU-Turkey relations and links to contemporary Turkey studies. They include the FEUTURE project, which is funded within the H2020 framework of the European Commission, as well as a research project on Turkey as energy hub funded by the Stiftung Mercator. The research activities are embedded in an EU-wide network and founded on close relations to leading universities in Turkey. CETEUS has a strong link to the Turkish-German University (TAU) in Istanbul. The director of CETEUS, Prof. Wessels, is academic leader of the TAU’s MA program ‘European and International Affairs’ as well as vice-president of the German consortium that founded the TAU. Within its research projects the centre engages in promoting academic exchange with young researchers from Germany, the EU and Turkey aiming at integrating them into the European Research Area.

Main tasks within FEUTURE

Project Coordination of FEUTURE: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wessels

WP1 “Conceptual and Analytical Toolkit” (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wessels)

WP10 “Overall Project Coordination and Management” (Dr. Funda Tekin)

Contribution to

WP3 “Economic Drivers”

WP5 “Energy and Climate Drivers”

WP7 “Identity and Culture Drivers”

WP8 “Synthesis of Research Findings and Policy Recommendations

WP9 “Dissemination and Outreach”


Ribbe, Darius

Tastekin, Zeynep Dilara

Tekin, Dr. Funda

Wessels, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang