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The Centre international de formation européenne (CIFE) is a private institution of higher education and research, founded in 1954 with its head office in Nice and branch offices in Berlin, Brussels and Istanbul. It receives special funding in the framework of the Jean Monnet Programme of the European Union. CIFE is one of the most renowned institutions of postgraduate academic education in Europe and offers different master programmes in EU Studies and International Relations. In 2015 CIFE established a Mediterranean Branch with the aim to include this region into its master programmes. CIFE’s high level academic activities and research focus on European and international relations, governance structures and federalism. Aspects of history, politics, economics, social and cultural affairs feature prominently in CIFE’s interdisciplinary research and teaching activities. Main research topics are among others (history of) European integration, the European Union’s enlargement process and neighbourhood policy, the Mediterranean region and the Western Balkans. CIFE publishes the quarterly “L’Europe en Formation”.

Main Tasks within FEUTURE

Work Package Leader: 

WP9   “Dissemination and Outreach” (Dr. Funda Tekin)

Contribution to:

WP1   “Conceptual and Analytical Toolkit”

WP2   “Political Drivers” 

WP8   “Synthesis of Research Findings and Policy Recommendations”

WP10 “Overall Project Coordination an Management”


Marhold, Prof. Dr. Hartmut

Tekin, Dr. Funda

Waechter, Prof. Dr. Matthias

Skupin, Lucas