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Sabancı University

Established in 1996, Sabanci University (SU) is internationally recognized as one of the most innovative
and research-oriented universities in Turkey, as suggested by its ranking according to the
Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index of the Scientific and Technological Research
Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). At SU, academic activities are performed within the framework of
three faculties composed of nondepartmental and interdisciplinary programs: the Faculty of Engineering
and Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the School of Management,
which feature a total of 13 undergraduate and 41 graduate programs. In addition to the faculties,
SU also hosts Sabanci University Nanotechnology Research and Application Center
(SUNUM), the Istanbul Policy Center (IPC) and the Istanbul International Center for Energy and
Climate (IICEC), as well as several and research for a, namely the Competitiveness Forum (REF),
the Corporate Governance Forum of Turkey (CGFT) and the Gender and Women’s Studies Forum.

As part of its philosophy, the University aims to direct its research efforts primarily
towards applied and strategic research with the objectives of advancing knowledge, supporting
teaching and contributing to the progress of the community. The research activities at the university
aim to enrich educational programs while contributing to social and economic development. SU
currently has 164 full-time faculty members and 1005 graduate students. The University is ranked
internationally in the first 200 universities of the emerging economies on the Times Higher Education
(THE) index and among the first 500 universities on the QS World University Rankings. In
2015, SU has been in the 13th place worldwide and 1st place in Turkey on the THE “100 Under
50” Rankings and has been ranked 21st on the THE Asian University Rankings.



Main Tasks within FEUTURE

Contribution to: 

WP7 ”Identity and Culture Drivers”

WP9 “Dissemination and Outreach”


Aydın-Düzgit, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Senem 

Chovanec, Johanna