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Istanbul Bilgi University

Istanbul Bilgi University is a non-profit institution of higher education hosting over 19.000 students and a faculty of nearly 900 academics. The University has a European Institute, a BA Programme in European Union Studies, an MA Programme in European Studies, a double degree MA Programme in European Studies in collaboration with the European University Viadrina, a Centre for Migration Research and an NGO Training and Research Centre among several other research centres. The university hosts two Marie Curie fellows, one DAAD (German Academic Exchange Program) fellow and one Jean Monnet Module in the Department of Economics and two in the Department of International Relations. The university’s two Jean Monnet Chairs (in Intercultural Dialogue Studies and in EU Political and Administrative Studies) contribute substantially to FEUTURE’s research. 

Main Tasks within FEUTURE

Contribution to: 

WP1 “Conceptual and Analytical Toolkit”

WP6 “Migration Drivers” 

WP8  “Synthesis of Research Findings and Policy Recommendations”

WP9 “Dissemination and Outreach”


Kaya, Prof. Dr. Ayhan