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Infographics from the Political Dimension

20 Years of EU-Turkish Relations: From Optimism to Mutual Dissapointment

Since 1999 the political drivers have had different effects on EU-Turkey relations. The analysis of our Work Package on political drivers identified three phases in the relationship that highlight the development from optimism under the impression of the promise for opening accession negotiations to mutual disappointment in view of domestic developments in Turkey and the hollowing out of the promise of Turkish EU membership.

Infographics from the Security Dimension

Mapping of ISIS Attacks around the World

This infographic provides information on the number and chronology of attacks claimes, attributed or related to ISIS.

Infographic from the Energy and Climate Dimension

How Turkey is becoming a Crucial Gate for Russian Energy Exports to the EU

This infographic displays projects for energy exports to the EU. Many of these are planned to cross Turkish territory. Further, it outlines the energy production and consumption of the EU, Russia and Turkey in comparison. Lastly, it shows that EU and Turkey are increasingly dependant from Russian energy/gas flows.

Arms Sales to and from Turkey: What is the Role of the European Union?

This infographics displays the arms sales to and from turkey. The figure highlights the significant room for improvement of defense technologies cooperation between Turkey and the European Union.

Arms Trade: Exports from Turkey (1983-2017)

This infographic provides an overview of the arms trade, namely the exports from Turkey.

Infographics from the Migration Dimension

Refugees Resettled from Turkey: Countries of Origin and Countries of Settlement

Turkey, due to the geographical limitation attached to the 1951 Convention, is one of the main countries from which resettlement takes place. The three charts in this infographic display the increasing weight of Syrian nationals among all the refugees resettled from Turkey. It also shows how an increasing number of EU member states become significant countries of destination. Nonetheless, the relative weight of the resettled population has been dwarfed by the wave of refugees entering Turkey in the context of the Synrian war.

Transit Migration from Turkey to Greece 2010-2017

This infographic displays that transitory movement through Turkey to the EU is a key driver in establishing operational (technical) cooperation between the EU and Turkey.


Turkish High Skilled Workers in Europe: An Overview

This infographic gives an overview of the 10 main destinations of Turkish high skilled workers in Europe int he years between 2008-20016. It also shows that 3 in every 100 skilled migrants in Europe have a Turkish origin. Further, it gives details on the Erasmus statistics.

To check out the paper on high skilled migrations click here.

Infographic on Narratives of EU-Turkey Relations

Predominant Narratives between Turkey and Europe (1959-2017)

This infographic shows how narratives on EU-Turkey relations developed over time. The graphic demonstrates how narratives on EU-Turkey relations became increasingly competitive in the course of time, both within EU and Turkey as well as between them. The periodization also serves to outline trends of conflict, cooperation and convergence as manifested in the political discourse.

EU-Turkey Relations and Differentiated Integration