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Caucasus Research Resource Center Georgia (CRRC)

The Caucasus Research Resource Centers are a network of research, resource and training centers established in 2003 in the capital cities of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia with the goal of strengthening social science research and public policy analysis in the South Caucasus. As part of this network, CRRC-Georgia, based in Tsibilis, is a non-governmental, non-profit research organization which collects, analyses, and publishes policy-relevant data on economic, political, and social trends. CRRC has ten years of experience in data collection and analysis and has worked with most major international organizations active in the country, implementing over 70 projects since 2007. The organization’s core data collection effort is the Caucasus Barometer (CB) survey which is the largest and the longest sustained and coordinated annual data collection project in the South Caucasus region. It yields the opportunity to examine the socio-economic and political situations in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia from 2006 to present.

Main Tasks within FEUTURE

Contribution to: 

WP1 “Conceptual and Analytical Toolkit” 

WP2 “Political Drivers” 

WP3 “Economic Drivers” 

WP4 “Security Drivers”

WP5 “Energy and Climate Drivers”

WP6 “Migration Drivers”

WP7 “Identity and Culture Drivers”  

WP8 “Synthesis of Research Findings and Policy Recommendations”

WP9 “Dissemination and Outreach”


Clifford, Bennett

Gilbreath, Dustin

Kakachia, Prof. Dr. Kornely

Mestvirishvili, Natia

Turmanidze, Koba

Zurabashvili, Dr. Tinatin